Medicare Supplement Plans in NC North Carolina: What You Need To Know …In today’s episode we talk about medicare supplement plans in nc; what they are and what you need to do to learn more about them.

Here is the conversation written out, for all of my visual learners out there 🙂

Wendy: So today’s question was written in by Gloria, Hi Gloria, and she is asking can you please explain to me what a Medicare Supplement is?

Tripp: Yes. I sure can Gloria. So a Medicare Supplement is private health insurance from individual carriers that is designed to cover things like lco-insurance, deductibles and co-payments that original Medicare does not pay.

So basically what a Supplement does is it fills in the gaps that original Medicare unfortunately leaves open, so you’ve got to deal with those.

Wendy: Okay, so we have done another video kind of explaining what original Medicare is, so if you haven’t watched that, you definitely want to watch that first and foremost…how was the foundation and for them to understand.

Tripp: Yes, I believe it is entitled “What is Medicare?”

Wendy: Okay and then, so to build on that, so say for instance they enrolled into[inaudible 1:09] their original Medicare enrollment and from this point on they have to make the decision of whether or not they want to sign up or the Medicare Supplement plan, or if they want to go a different route which is Medicare Advantage?

Tripp: Correct.

Wendy: And we can cover that in another video. Because right now obviously, she is interested in a supplement and wants to know what it is.

Tripp: Yes, and Gloria what you may have heard a Medicare Supplement called is the term “Medigap coverage”….it is the same thing.

So if you hear Medicare Supplement or Medigap, you can use those interchangeably, it is the same exact thing.

Wendy: Very good to know because I know when I was first learning [crosstalk 1:46] it was very confusing and you have no idea what that word means and that it means the same thing and I know that the government references that word a lot in the thick Medicare and You book you may have received in the mail.

I think they receive it sometime around when they were turning close to turning sixty five. So that is great to know, make sure you remember that; a Medigap policy, is the same thing as a Medicare supplement…

Tripp: I think the government actually coined that term, Medigap. They started it.

Wendy: Okay, good to know. Alright so hopefully that helps you Gloria with your questions. And feel free to write in anything else that you have.

And for those of you watching, if want to learn a little bit more than just this little tidbit, then feel free to register for Tripp’s workshop. We host these a couple times a week on “What women need know about Medicare”.


What Is A Medicare Supplement?



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