Medicare Part D Colorado


There are so many Medicare plans to choose from when dealing with Medicare part D. So much confusion when it comes to the donut hole in Medicare. The premium cost of all of these plans are different, the co pays are different, the mail order pharmacies, the drugs, the Lipitor generic, the simvastatin. It goes on and on, and the one general consensus is that Medicare Part D prescription drug plans are just darn confusing. Rocky mountain health plans in Colorado are easier to figure out than the drug plans for Part D. The first step is to get your Medicare A and B card. If you already have that taken care of and you have a Medicare supplement plan in place the battle is almost won. Maybe it is the annual enrollment period and you simply want to change your drug plan or switch from a Medicare advantage plan. Maybe you just are tired of running your drugs through the system only to find out the Medicare approved part D plans are all expensive. My advice is to get a broker to help you through this. Why is it that people always want to do things themselves? It doesn’t cost you anything more to get a Medicare broker to walk you through this time period. If you want Medicare Part D info and you are tired of looking around then call us at Medigaplist. We can help.

So many people have asked me what the best Medicare drug plan is and I always tell them it is different for everyone. The AARP drug plan from United Healthcare is the best Medicare drug plan in Colorado for certain people. Humana is the best Medicare Part D plan for someone else. It really depends on the drugs you take. If you take Lisinopril to treat high blood pressure aka hypertension, or you take another ACE inhibitor, the plan isn’t going to be the samer Part D Medicare plan that someone taking Actos or Avandia. Omeone who is taking Valium or a Xanax obviously has a different condition than someone taking Altocor, lovastatin or Crestor. Would you take Aviane or a ethinyl estradiol/levonorgestrel for your back pain; I don’t think so. oyu need to get a list of Medicare Part D drug plans and compare the premiums. You also want to compare the best Medigap plan F and see if you can save money on your supplemental Medigap plan.

The bottom line is you want the best Medigap plan F or Plan G you can find if it’s affordable, you want a great Medicare part D plan, you need to make sure you can handle the Medicare Part A and B premium, and you want a good dental plan from a company such as Delta Dental.

Go above a put in your zip code and the click the view rates button to see your Medicare and Medigap premiums in any part of the country including but not limited to Colorado Springs, Denver , Boulder and Jefferson County.
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