Medicare Office in Raleigh and Charlotte NC…How Do I Find? … In today’s episode we talk about what to do if you’re looking for a local medicare office.

Here is the conversation written out:

Wendy: “In today’s episode we have Louise…she has written in and said “I am getting confused trying to locate my Medicare office here in Raleigh North Carolina.”

So this is kind of understandable question. I know I was a little bit confused about it when I first learned because you assume there must be an actual brick and mortar office for Medicare that handles all of Medicare when in actuality it is Social Security that handles it…?

Tripp: Correct, yes that is right. There is technically no “Medicare office” anywhere near here. There isn’t one.

Wendy: So there is a Social Security office though right? In each city…

Tripp: Yes, more of your major cities. Like if you live in a real rural town you may have to drive into a bigger city.

Wendy: Right. So if somebody is approaching the age of Medicare and maybe they are not super internet savvy, or they are not…maybe they are but they are not that comfortable doing it, or maybe they just prefer to do things in person or over the phone, do they allow that?

Tripp: Yes, they do. You can actually go online if somebody is tech savvy and I think, is it So you can do that if you are tech savvy, or if you would rather just make a quick phone call you can look up the social security number, Wendy will put that on the screen as well, or some people like to go in person. So you have got to three options.

Wendy: Yes and I know you had mentioned if you do decide to go in person you definitely want to call and make an appointment.

Tripp: Oh gosh, yes.

Wendy: Because I have heard it can be like the DMV. So nobody likes to endure that.

So Louise just realize that it is all through the Social Security Administration; Medicare is handled through that. Even to request a card, I guess you get your red white and blue card when you apply, but to request a replacement card is also done there, so everything…

Tripp: Or if you don’t get your initial card in a timely fashion, you may want to call the local office there.

Wendy: Right it is just good sometimes to have somebody locally that you can deal with face to face; some people just really prefer that.

If that is you Louise, you have options and we will put the number like he said.

So hopefully that cleared some things up, this is a quick episode and we will see you on the next one, make sure you register for our workshop that we host a couple times a week…we would love to have you. See you next time!


Louise Asks, “How Can I Find My Local Medicare Office?”



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