How To Apply For Medicare In NC: North Carolina Eligibility For Plans …Looking to learn how to apply for medicare in nc? Watch this quick video to get the basics of medicare, and then click the link to learn more about your north carolina medicare eligibility and the exact nc medicare plans that are available to you for this upcoming year.

Here is the conversation written out, for all of my visual learners out there 🙂

Wendy: “In today’s episode we have Regina. Regina is asking, “How do I go about applying for Medicare in North Carolina and become eligible for the plans?”. So I think this is a common question, and some of you may be watching and may not be in North Carolina, but we certainly are, and we have a lot of clients that are. So this video is going to be specifically for North Carolina residents. 

So Regina, you are probably approaching the age of 65 and probably like most people are wondering, “What do I do?”. So you had to Google and start typing it in because it’s not common knowledge to know exactly what steps need to be taken to make sure you don’t miss any or you don’t make any bad decisions, and get out of order, and mess up, and have to fix it.

Tripp: “Well, the challenge is, and Regina I’ll talk directly to you, and of course anyone else watching this. When you start getting near that medicare age you start getting about this much mail. And you’ve probably got agents calling you, you’ve got friends and family giving you advice. It’s hard to know who to trust, who to listen to, who to tune out to not get bad advice. But I’ll keep it simple today, just so you can kind of have some clarity and maybe tune out some of the other stuff. So here’s the thing: If you are already getting social security or Railroad Retirement Board Benefits, then you will automatically be enrolled in Part A and Part B the first day of the month that you turn 65. 

Now if your birthday is the first day of the month, then you will be eligible the first day of the prior month… so that’s how that works. Now, here’s another thing to that a lot of people will call in and ask. If you’re under 65 and disabled, then once you have received social security disability benefits for at least 24 months, then you will automatically be enrolled into part a and part b. So that’s something that we get quite a bit via phone calls and emails.

Now if you’re approaching age 65 and you’re not automatically enrolled, not getting part a and part b automatically, then you’re going to have to take it upon yourself to sign up for that. And the way you do that is 3 months prior to turning 65 Regina, you want to call Social Security and get setup.”

Wendy: “Get that ball rolling.”

Tripp: “For sure. Don’t wait until it’s too late. And that leads me into my next statement, which is if you don’t enroll in part b on time, and this is important, you may incur and have a late penalty for not enrolling into medicare part b when you ‘re suppose to. And that penalty will stay with you for as long as you have part b, which in most cases is the rest of your life. 

Now in the beginning you had mentioned in the video about referencing the different plans and things like but for time’s sake let’s keep this video short because we’ve already shot different videos on the different plan options like “Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage” and the pros and the cons and that kind of thing. So let’s just keep this video short about how and when to enroll in Medicare. And Regina you can always refer to the other videos is what I’d recommend.”

Wendy: “And just to touch on the second part of her question, she wanted to know #1 “how to apply for medicare in NC” and then she also says “how do I become eligible for the plans?” Does that essentially answer her question…once she applies for original medicare she is then eligible for the plans?”

Tripp: “Yes, that’s correct. And again we go into a lot greater details in the videos, as well as the workshop I know you’re going to mention that we do a couple times a week.”

Wendy: “Yeah, and I’ll also put underneath this video, for those of you who are like me and like list formats, bullets and steps, I’ll list some of that underneath, so you’ll be completely clear on exactly what you need to do to get enrolled.

So hopefully that helps you Regina. As Tripp mentioned, we do host these workshops a couple times a week. We would love to have you. It’s a great time to come together and dig deeper into this information and give you exactly what you need to know in under an hour and you’ll be set. So we’d love to have you and we’ll see you on the next episode!”


How To Apply For Medicare In NC



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